Some DJ’s should be given medals of honour for their impeccable services rendered on the decks and prolific careers. I am not talking your Pete Tongs or Tiesto’s, I am talking real hard working, willing to play for the sake of a party and for the sake of giving the people a good time – GANEZ Aka THE TERRIBLE is definitely one of those DJs. His Career spans back to the early 90’s where inspired by the likes of Mills, Vath, Cox and Garnier he started DJing in France. He played whenever he could and wherever he could; be it bars, clubs or raves. After 20 years of sticking with it he has managed to add a few other countries to his list of places played; Uk, Scotland, Ireland, Netherland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, Greece, Morroco, Tunisia, Canada, Korea, Venezuela, Colombia, Japan …A long list of countries with a plethora of gigs, from clubs to raves to free parties to teknivals to festivals and even radio and fashion shows. Yes he’s has pretty much played it all. But not only is Ganez a renowned DJ who has played more gigs than you’ve had hot dinners, he’s also a sublime producer. Electro, House, Break, Minimal, Acid, Techno and Hard Techno/Schranz he has released it all – with over 300 releases on vinyl and digital format his music is supported by an ever growing number of Dj’s and artists. So medal or not it is clear to see this man is well worth listening to.

(By Daz Furey / Fnoob Radio)


Towards the end of 80s, French DJ and beat producer MORGASM began to develop an interest in the emerging scene of Dance & Groove music. After cutting his teeth practicing at local clubs in the west of France in the early 90s, it wasnt long before parisian’s promoters and fans asked him to come and rock parties in the capital city with his energetic mixes. Years by years, he began to spin more extensively, touring all France, then Europe, North America/Canada, North Africa, Asia and South America. He played in respectfull places like: Por El Medio De La Calle Festival (Caracas), Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza), Blue Spirit (Seoul), E Concept (Medellin/Colombia), Mad, Arena (Switzerland), Rhythm Factory, The Fridge, The Venue (UK), Pulp Mantion (Berlin), Mazzo, Remember (Amsterdam), Summer Of Love Festival, Cross Club, Acropolis (Czek Republic), Congreso, Ku, Vertigo (Spain), Techno Parade, Queen, Rex Club, Nouveau Casino, Opa, Trabendo, Macumba, La Villa, l’Espace, La Laiterie (France) and hundreds more… A hard worker and self-described music addict, MORGASM started two music labels: Tacos Records (in 1998 – vinyls) and The House Of Love Records (in 2010 – digital/vinyls) to produce his own tracks as well as those of other French artists at beginning, then internationals ones. Many of his tracks from this era have been playlisted and supported by big international names, and appear on numerous compilations. An excellent editor and producer, he is highly respected for his trademark blend of remixes, bootlegs, and everything from 70’s hits to actual sounds.


More than 25 years ago Bob Maxwell discovered the first legal and underground electronic events in Brittany and the west part of France. Dj and promoter since 20 years in many night clubs, raves and festivals alongside various and famous sounds systems.He is now co-founder of Enjoy! Active on Rennes as a label and event promoter. For this 17th edition of the Techno Parade, he will make a special retrospective set House, Techno and Trance of the best pieces since the early 90s.


Going from Deep House to Melodic Techno and a little detour by the Dark Melo Prog, this young producer will make you travel through these captivating sounds. A member of Zygomatic Records since 2013, Ramaah has been able to perfect his art of mix through all styles combined. In 2015, she integrated the catalog of the agencies booking Gate On Stage (Rennes) and Endless (Toulouse) , Morocco). While waiting for the release of his first EP, you will find his next production on the ENJOY Digital 004.


He discovers electronic music and Raves parties and clubs in his teens. Very quickly passionate by this culture it is directed essentially towards the vinyl mix of Hard Musics. In 2005 he set up his first collective, then over time to join other structures like Kromaté, T.lesco.p. More than involved in the “underground” movement, he was a member of Teknotonomy for 5 years and a member of the Free Fest (prevalaye) office. Since then it has diversified into more current music including House sounds, Break Beat, Trance, Drum & Bass …


English / French Dj, now living in Brittany, passionate of Raves and all other styles of events around Electronic music. In 2015 he created the collective Nox Family who organize raves & concerts & the collective Rearguard who reach out to lots of Techno artists to regulary publish podcasts online. He loves & mixes most styles of music, Electro, Tech-house, Acid, Techno to Hard Tek.


Of Franco-German origin, Walt Wellen discovered techno in the early 90’s, thanks to radios like : Maxximum and M40. Passionate of radio, he becomes animator in 1994. That passion will not leave it anymore. He began to mix on turntables in 1999. He started as a DJ for a couple of years in Brittany. Since then, he has made numerous parties everywhere in France, with among other : Tetuna, Krimshok, Woody MC Bride, Jeff23 (Sp23),Sergueï (Eat Your Bones), Pano (Teknomad), Loscar (3Faze), Troubles Fêtes and so much more. His passion for electronic music is no longer to be demonstrated, it is still today really attached to 90’s oldschool music. He always actively searches acid, techno, rave sounds, making people dance on the dancefloor, in order to make each of them travels. With his experience, he now offers pushing techno and dark techno’s sets inflamed, between brutal and mental Acid sound.